Photo of Matthew Collins

Matthew C. Collins counsels community associations with respect to nearly all facets of their operations and risk management. The services that he provides to community associations include: interpretation, amendment and enforcement of governing documents; collection of assessments; drafting and review of contracts; transition from declarant to unit owner control; loan documentation; board governance; and statutory compliance. In addition, Mr. Collins provides outside general counsel services to a wide array of businesses.

The November 16, 2016 issue of the Wall Street Journal ran an article about Celebration, Florida, which is the master-planned community built by The Walt Disney Company in 1996. The title of the article summarized the state of affairs in Celebration as follows: “There Is Little Celebration in the Town Disney Built: Mold, leaks, rot are hurting the 1990s utopia; ‘they’re harassing my team.’” My initial thought was that if this can happen to a community built by the world’s most famous mouse, it is little wonder that a large portion of my practice involves representing community associations in lawsuits against developers and architects for construction and design deficiencies.

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