For those who have found that their homes were constructed or remodeled in recent years with defective drywall imported from China, relief may be on the way. But it may not be as easy to get as some may think. Though State and Federal government officials have been working to determine how to distribute a tax rebate to those homeowners affected by the Chinese drywall epidemic, it is not an open and shut case for those who want to receive funds.
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After conducting tests on 21 samples of Chinese drywall, the Consumer Products Safety Commission reported that there was no presence of radioactive phosphogypsum in the drywall samples. Earlier this year reports claimed that the defective drywall imported from China was made with phosphogypsum, which contains radioactive properties.
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Centek Laboratories, LLC has been in conversations with the Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and North Carolina State Health Departments to discuss the laboratory’s ability to provide testing options for residents who believe their homes were built with defective Chinese drywall. Centek believes they have developed user friendly sampling equipment which will be used to analyze compounds in the air of the suspected homes which are culprits for material deterioration, odors, and illness. The United States Product Safety Commission and United States Environmental Protection Agency are also conducting studies.
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Last week, Port St. Lucie homeowner, Tirzah Pestenski, called the White House and invited Presidnet Obama over so he could witness firsthand the devastating effects defective Chinese drywall has had on her home. Pestenski is part of a small group of homeowners who have begun making calls to the White House asking for assistance to the growing Chinese drywall epidemic..
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A new Bill introduced recently into the senate could make it easier for homeowners with defective Chinese drywall to take the manufacturer to court. The Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act of 2009 attempts to make it easier to bring foreign companies before an American court. Currently, laws contain so many loopholes that foreign manufacturers of defective materials are rarely penalized by the legal system.
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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently set up a website to keep consumers, drywall manufacturers, builders and others aware of its investigation into the latest problematic Chinese drywall. The CPSC’s Drywall Information Center offers updates on the investigation, help for homeowners trying to determine if their drywall is making them sick, where drywall problems have been reported and other related information.
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WCI Communities, based in Bonita Springs, Florida, has confirmed that they built at least 200 homes with the potentially dangerous defective Chinese drywall. WCI Communities recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and anticipates facing roughly $40 million in claims related to the defective drywall. WCI has agreed to set up a trust to help homeowners affected by Chinese drywall as part of their reorganization plan.
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Inez Tenenbaum, head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), left last week on a trip to Asia which will focus on notifying and warning major exporters that tough regulations will be coming soon. These warnings come in the wake of thousands of American homes constructed with defective Chinese drywall being deemed dangerous to homeowners. Tenenbaum will spend nine days in Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam and will address foreign leaders in Singapore for the annual summit of APEC (a trade group that coordinates commercial ties among the U.S., Canada, Russia and 18 Asian countries).
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