This blog is the second in a series of blogs discussing the New Jersey Home Warranty and Builders’ Registration Act. This blog will provide an overview of how to file a claim under the New Jersey Home Warranty and Builder’s Registration Act. You can access previous installments of this series online here.

New Jersey Home Warranty and Builders’ Registration Act (The Act) provides a multi-step process for filing a claim. First, the homeowner has to notify the builder of whatever defects exist and allow the builder a reasonable amount of time, usually 30 days, to make the necessary repairs. If the builder fails to make the requisite repairs, the homeowner may submit claims for defects covered by the warranty to the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Affairs (the “DCA”) (or through whatever warranty program servicing the homeowner’s warranty). The Commissioner is then required to investigate the claim and determine its validity, after affording the parties an opportunity to be heard at a hearing. Methods of claim resolution include independent third party mediation and legally binding arbitration.