Those who have found that their homes were constructed or remodeled with defective drywall imported from China, relief may be on the way. But it may not be as easy to get as some may think. Though State and Federal government officials have been working to determine how to distribute a tax rebate to those homeowners affected by the Chinese drywall epidemic, it is not an open and shut case for those who want to receive funds.

Officials are urging homeowners to keep meticulous records of any expenses incurred due to the drywall problems – such as medical bills, home renovation costs, and in some situations, relocation expenses. Tax refunds will be easier to distribute to those who have a clear outline of the financial burden this has placed on them. Also, obtaining assistance from an attorney may help expedite the situation when handling any sort of settlement or claim that may be made once the government has decided who is eligible to receive the refunds.

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