A recent report states that the Chinese drywall problem has moved west. Homeowners in Las Vegas, Nevada have found instances of Chinese drywall in their homes, and have filed a class action lawsuit. The suit states that the drywall is causing health problems for homeowners in two Las Vegas neighborhoods.

The suit was filed on behalf of four homeowners, and seeks class action status for all residents of the state who are suffering from health problems due to the defective drywall. The suit names subsidiaries of the Miami-based home builder, Lennar Corp., and drywall manufacturers, Georgia-Pacific Corp. of Atlanta, Georgia as defendants. Though the drywall epidemic has ravaged the east coast, reports of the drywall reaching as far west as Las Vegas will certainly cause speculation of a national drywall epidemic and will surely lead to homeowners in every state looking into whether or not their homes were constructed with Chinese drywall.

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