Centek Laboratories, LLC has been in conversations with the Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and North Carolina State Health Departments to discuss the laboratory’s ability to provide testing options for residents who believe their homes were built with defective Chinese drywall. Centek believes they have developed user friendly sampling equipment which will be used to analyze compounds in the air of the suspected homes which are culprits for material deterioration, odors, and illness. The United States Product Safety Commission and United States Environmental Protection Agency are also conducting studies.

Centek uses Whole Air Sampling By Method TO-15 to monitor the areas believed to have been built with the defective Chinese drywall. Centek also has the capability to conduct headspace testing. In a headspace test, a sample of the drywall is placed in an air tight headspace chamber, which is then purged, extracting a sample of what gasses are being emitted from the product.

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