Inez Tenenbaum, head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), left last week on a trip to Asia which will focus on notifying and warning major exporters that tough regulations will be coming soon. These warnings come in the wake of thousands of American homes constructed with defective Chinese drywall being deemed dangerous to homeowners. Tenenbaum will spend nine days in Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam and will address foreign leaders in Singapore for the annual summit of APEC (a trade group that coordinates commercial ties among the U.S., Canada, Russia and 18 Asian countries). Tenenbaum plans to discuss how the CPSC is aggressively enforcing consumer safety measures after years of funding cuts, staff reductions and commission vacancies under former President George W. Bush.

The government’s recent initiative to tighten up regulations against imported goods is a very positive thing, as some very dangerous products have made their way into the US over the past several years.

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