After conducting tests on 21 samples of Chinese drywall, the Consumer Products Safety Commission reported that there was no presence of radioactive phosphogypsum in the drywall samples. Earlier this year reports claimed that the defective drywall imported from China was made with phosphogypsum, which contains radioactive properties.

According to a statement from the CPSC, federal and state technical teams of scientists from the CPSC, Environmental Protection Agency, the Florida Health Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, and Virginia Department of Health has concluded that the samples had no elevated levels of radioactivity.

While this may serve as relief to those homeowners living with Chinese drywall, there are still several problems facing those homeowners. Residents in 24 states have filed a total of 1046 Chinese drywall complaints with the CPSC. The Florida health department is expected to release additional test results later this year which could offer more information as to the potential health hazards posed by the drywall.

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