I recently read an interesting article on The Consumerist discussing the recent defective Chinese drywall problem in the United States. According to the Consumerist, the US government believes that radioactive industrial waste from China is responsible for the recent sulfur stench associated with defective drywall imported from China in hundreds of Florida homes. Federal regulators believe the drywall contained phosphogypsum, a banned waste byproduct that commonly used in Chinese construction. When used in drywall, the probable carcinogen can corrode air conditioners, mirrors, electrical outlets and even jewelry, and has been linked to reports of health problems for homeowners.

The Consumerist states, “Considering the fact that phosphogypsum can cause corrosion, something should be done,” said Ding Dawu, a geoscientist and an authority on gypsum processing in China. “Right now,” he added, “there are no complaints [in China] because most people don’t know much about gypsum board and there are no standards against it.”

You can read the full article online here.

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