The Chinese drywall problem affecting United States homeowners has been reported in the Bahamas. After thousands of homes were condemned in the U.S., Stephen Wrinkle, President of the Bahamian Contractor Association, is calling for inspections of the materials which are slated to be used in the construction of the Bahamian national stadium. Chinese drywall has been found in Bahamian homes and now the concern is focused on whether or not the materials, which are scheduled to be used in the construction of the national stadium, are defective. Wrinkle is also calling for stricter guidelines which will regulate the importing of materials from outside countries in an effort to eliminate any potential dangers stemming from a lack of safety regulation.

Wrinkle’s suggestion has gained support from Achal Moorjani, the Barbadian Contractor’s Association head. Moorjani believes planning and regulation should be the foremost concern, even if it means delaying the construction or changing the design of the stadium.

Bahamian builders usually import drywall from the United States. However, due to the drywall shortage in America a few years ago after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Bahamian contractors received defective Chinese drywall. Currently, a U.S. attorney is forming a class action suit against the Chinese manufacturer of the drywall and states that there is a $200 million Bahamian development project which has been affected. Many of the units in the development have already been sold and now buyers are looking for a way out of the deal.

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