2006 – 2007

Homeowner complaints of “rotten egg” smell

November 2006

CTEH (Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health) air sampling report prepared for Knauf

June 2008

Florida Department of Health receives its first call of sulfur odors in homes

August 2008

Inquires about sulfur odors and copper corrosion EPA considers gypsum as possible source, but not viewed as widespread

September 2008

Environ investigates homes for Lennar

October 2008

Florida Department of Health hires state toxicologist (Dr. David Krause)

November 2008

Consumer Product Safety Commission contacted

December 2008

Media interest increases

January 2009

DOH receives Environ and Knauf reports Federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry offers assistance DOH inspects and samples 12 homes Knauf et al litigation filings

February 2009

FL state toxicologist presentation on drywall FL DOH summary report

March 2009

Media briefing by DOH Environ informs that sulfur is at 20x higher in Chinese Drywall

April 2009

FEMA gets involved DOH surgeon general and state toxicologist tour homes with Representative Wexler and Senator Nelson
NIOSH asked to assess occupational health hazards during home remediation Virginia homeowners begin to file lawsuits

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