A duplex in Fort Myers, Florida underwent tests last Friday to see if pumping chlorine dioxide into homes containing Chinese drywall will reverse the effects of the gasses emitted by the defective drywall. The theory behind the test is that bacteria in the paper of Chinese drywall react with the gypsum core to emit a sulfuric gas which is responsible for corroding air-conditioning coils and other metals in homes. This reaction is believed to be the cause for the smell and so by pumping chlorine dioxide into the homes, it should remedy the problem. The tests were performed Friday June 5, 2009 and results should be available in about a month.

However, scientists, builders, lawyers and homeowners are wondering if the possible solution will actually solve the problem. Though the potential solution would save billions of dollars nationwide by eliminating the need to remove the defective drywall and rebuild thousands of homes, some are questioning if this is just a temporary fix, and wonder if more damage will still occur down the line.

We will be sure to keep a watchful eye on this possible solution and report on any and all updates we find.

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