The Florida Department of Health has stated that the main component in Chinese drywall which is responsible for producing the strong rotten egg smell in homes, is caused by strontium sulfide. Strontium sulfide can emit corrosive gases when in the presence of heat and humidity. When the strontium sulfide in the Chinese Drywall combines with heat and moist air, hydrogen sulfide forms and releases a strong rotten egg smell.

The Chinese Drywall is responsible for emitting the gas which gives off the sulfur smell, and has also been known for corroding the copper coils in air conditioner units. Hydrogen Sulfide is corrosive and has also been found to cause health problems for the residents of homes which were built with the defective drywall. These health problems consist of irritation to the eyes, nose or throat, and breathing problems.

A private laboratory, Unified Engineering Inc. of Illinois, was commissioned by The Florida Department of Health to test the Chinese Drywall. Unified found traces of two other volatile sulfur containing gases which are emitted from the drywall when it is exposed to moist air. One of the gases found by Unified was carbon disulfide, a gas which has been found to result in headaches, tiredness and trouble sleeping for people who are exposed to the gas in low levels for an extended period of time.

Another concern residents need to be aware of is the possibility of the corrosive gasses being absorbed and re-emitted by other surfaces in the homes. Based on preliminary reports from homeowners who have the defective drywall, it is possible for other materials, such as fabrics, to absorb the gasses. It is not yet certain as to whether or not other building materials, such as concrete and lumber, can absorb the gasses.

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