In addition to Florida Congressman, Robert Wexler, introducing legislation establishing an immediate study and federal ban on dangerous Chinese drywall, Florida Senator Dave Aronberg is now asking Governor Crist to create a Chinese Drywall Task Force. The Task Force would consist of scientists, builders, contractors, health experts, and consumer advocates who would work to make recommendations for removing and replacing the defective drywall. The Task Force would also be responsible for determining what regulations would need to be put in place for the future so that similar instances such as these do not occur again.

Though the Task Force has not yet officially been created, representatives from Governor Crist’s office have said that the Governor and his staff have reached out to the Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control and the Consumer Product Safety Commission for assistance. Senator Aronberg is hoping to put the task force together within the next couple of weeks, and hopes to have proposals for possible solutions for Florida homeowners by summer.

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