Florida Congressman, Robert Wexler, recently introduced legislation establishing an immediate study and federal ban on dangerous Chinese drywall. This legislation comes in response to the thousands of Florida homes affected by the defective product. The reports of serious health risks affecting residents throughout the state due to the defective Chinese drywall found in residential home built by developers during the past few years are staggering. There are currently 35,000 homes in Florida affected, along with new reports of homes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia being affecting as well.

Congressman Wexler also wrote to Governor Charlie Crist urging him to declare a State of Emergency in Florida. This would allow state and local officials to work with affected Florida families and petition for funding for repairs from the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA).

Congressman Wexler introduced the Drywall Safety Act of 2009, which would require the Consumer Product and Safety Commission to examine Chinese drywall and make recommendations as to whether new safety standards are necessary to ensure that the drywall is safe for use in residential construction. The legislation would also establish an immediate ban on any drywall that is found to be potentially hazardous.

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