Builders and homeowners in Florida and other states across the country are becoming more and more concerned about Chinese-manufactured drywall that is suspected of being defective. Specifically, it is believed that the drywall contains chemicals that may corrode HVAC systems and damage electrical components. The drywall emits noxious odors that smell like rotten eggs. At this time, no causative link has been publicly reported between the Chinese-manufactured drywall and any personal injuries. So far, the Chinese-manufactured drywall has only been linked to property damage. We will continue to monitor developments and ask that you contact us if you have reason to believe you or your property have been damaged by Chinese- manufactured drywall. Please bear in mind that the statute of limitations in New Jersey for a claim under the New Jersey Product Liability Act is 6 years.

If you suspect your home may be built with defective Chinese drywall, contact us here for a free no obligation case review.